Top-down Bottom-up

Clothing manufacturers are whats called bottom-up approach where manufacturers will gather or buy materials required to produce clothes either by hand or by machines that

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Ahead of summer, we are offering a bonus to anyone who signs up for a temporary bank, permanent clothing bank, or a one-off fundraiser. Earn

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Reduce Reuse Recycle

Re-using clothes is a preferred method of recycling. With the appearance of multiple clothing bands, prices has decreased greatly and its much easier to find

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Custom wraps

Would you like to be noticed? Have you a cause you’d like to promote?Charity? Local club? fundraiser? Wrapping your clothing bank and distributing advertisement like

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Recycling electronics

Did you know that the majority of electrical equipment thrown away to the dump could actually be reused with little no repairs? At PR solutions

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Get noticed

Google Maps Want to get more traffic generated to your place? Our google integration will put you on the map. Having a clothing bank next

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