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PR solutions

Specialists in clothing banks and textile recycling. Our initiative is to recycle and support anyone in need of funds by giving them the opportunity to setup a clothing bank. We will pay for the clothes the bank collects. 


Brand new clothing banks available to be placed in your desired area. No contract required.


Collecting/emptying provided on regular basis or simply request us when full.. Let us do all the dirty work

shopping centres

We will take care of any maintenace required from painting to lock replacement. Wrap designs can also be provided.

we help

Raise funds

Get earning funds for yourself or your chosen charity. We are experts at delivering highest quality clothing banks and providing all the necessary service to keep it in check.

Our excellent


We offer all services from A – Z when it comes to clothing banks. Fast response & adhered payments guaranteed. Contracts available if required.

Commitment to Serve

Guarantee same level of service for everyone. We treat all customers equally with high level of commitment and care.

Payment Guarantee

Exclusive offer for quarterly rates available. You will receive a set payment every quarter, regardless of clothes collected.

Scheduled Collections

Collections are arranged regularly by our data gathered on the area. We make sure banks are never left overfilled.

Custom Printed Wraps

Print your logo and more on our clothing banks. Any required wraps are handled by us completely free of charge.

Removal & Repurpose

Clothing banks left unserviced, we offer to take ownership and send funds to a local community or remove free of charge

Paint and Repair

Any repairs required will be handled by us. Lock replacement and repainting are scheduled on regular basis.

Why Choose

Our Company

Experts in recycling with a passion to help others succeed. We make it super easy to get money rolling from clothing banks without having to do anything, leave it all to us!


Clothes are exported to Africa, Asia and parts of Europe.

Eco friendly

Clothes are reused or recycled into fabrics to be repurposed.

Provide Jobs

Clothes will travel across continents and provide jobs.

Reduce landfill

Clothes being reused wont make their way to the landfill.

Its good to


Clothes, shoes, bags, bets, toys, electronics and bic a brac are all exported to second world countries where they are needed most. These items will be given a second life and reused. Prevent good reusable items filling up our landfills.


Clothes, Belts, Dresses, Handbags, Schoolbags, Underwear, Socks, Shoes, Swimwear, Scarfs, Hats and other items that can be warn.


Soft toys, lego, puzzles, any toys in good condition with all or most of the required parts, large items (prams ,kids bikes, play sets etc.)


Large items as furniture, chairs, tables, drawers, mirrors, picture frames and etc.


Computer hardware, desktops, laptops, phones, cameras, drives, or any other electronic equipment.

Our customers


Check out some of our reviews. See what customers say about us and our service. Any feedback always welcome.

These guys have 3 clothing banks set up in our area. Super glad with their service, fast, efficient and never late. Would definitely recommend
Nick Cross
We had a fundraising event to fund our trip. Collected on arranged day and also received a sign up bonus. Happy with the service.
Maria Montes
Working with prsolution over a year. Never late to collect or sent payment. Banks are looked after and maintained. Good job
Peter Brown


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