When it comes to clothing banks we..


Our state of the art clothing banks. Reinforced steel and a combination of mechanical and smart anti-tamper proof locks. We manufacture only the highest standard banks.


Clothing banks are provided and delivered all done by us. Clothing bank will be set in your desired area, preferably in a public, easy to spot area as it would yield the best results.


We all know maintanance is important. Nobody wants a run down clothing bank in their backyard. Dont worry we will take care of it and regularly give it a paint and a clean.


1 - 3 months period

We offer a trial for those who would like to test our service. 


month - lifetime

For members we offer exclusive benefits. No contract needed.

Special - Money Offer Guarantee

Set rate not based on bank collection. Get payed monthly regardless of whats collected.

Get started and..


Useful items don't need to be thrown away. Most of them can be restored and reused in second world countries. We offer to take such items.


Offering schools, clubs, organisations & others to take up the initiative in a #ClothesDrive. Collect old unwanted clothes and earn cash.


Lead clothing bank provider. We manufacture, maintain and provide clothing banks in places where needed.